Nail Pet / Yuqing Wu (CN), Ruoyin Zhang (CN), Photo: Yuqing Wu

Nail Pet

Yuqing Wu (CN), Ruoyin Zhang (CN)

Nail art can be expanded from a 2-dimensional curved plane to a 3-dimensional augmented reality art, exploring different expressive augmentations of the body. Each piece of nail scans out an unexpected surprise, which is a process that can give users psychological pleasure as well as a feeling of symbiosis with art.

Yuqing Wu (CN)

Yuqing Wu is currently in the third year of Industrial Design (Intelligent Direction) at ShanghaiTech University, with a minor in Computer and Information Science and participates in the Intelligent Cockpit Project and the Automotive Accessibility Structure Design Project at the laboratory. They previously won the “Excellent Work Award” at the 5th ShanghaiTech University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair and the second prize in the Shanghai “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Ruoyin Zhang (CN)

Zhang Ruoyin, a prospective graduate student in computer science and technology, works at the Intelligent Medical Center of Shanghai University of Science and Technology. His main research direction is human-computer interaction and visualization in the field of life information science. He is committed to presenting the complexity of life science in an intuitive and interesting way.