Mapping the NFTs revolution / Mauro Martino, photo:

Mapping the NFTs revolution

Mauro Martino (IT)

Based on an impressive amount of data collected and analyzed over more than 3 years of scientific research, Mapping the NFTs revolution is not only the most extensive exploration of the NFT phenomenon to date, but also an artistic reflection on its potential and on the space-time continuum that makes it possible (the metaverse).

The result is an exciting data-film suspended between reality and imagination, one of the first examples of digital art to use the text-to-idea approach.

Mauro Martino (IT)

Mauro Martino PhD is a scientist and artist who focuses on information technology. He uses artificial intelligence to explore and enhance understanding of the world, transforming any type of information, whether it is visual, acoustic, or semantic, into interactive tools that are beautiful and simple to use.