No room for us / Jung von Matt DONAU GmbH (AT), Poto: Jung von Matt DONAU GmbH

No room for us

Jung von Matt DONAU GmbH (AT)

While some people think about what mobility will look like in the future, it would be more sustainable to ask what kind of mobility this future will actually require. This is illustrated by the situation in our cities. A disproportionate amount of space in urban areas is no longer dedicated to people but used to provide their tools and inventions with ideal conditions.

Cars and their associated infrastructure play a significant role in this discussion and are an ideal illustration of the value we place on technology in our world as a society and the consequences we are confronted with. This self-induced paradox provides the basis for the installation No room for us which was created in collaboration with Jung von Matt DONAU GmbH and Ars Electronica. Located in the central conference hall of the Ars Electronica Festival, it reveals the unequal spatial conditions under which urban coexistence occurs, but also how much new space could be created if mobility could be defined in an alternative way and live in a new way. Many things would have to be completely rethought and reevaluated.

Jung von Matt DONAU GmbH (AT)