Who Owns the Truth?

The provocative title of the 2023 Ars Electronica Festival is “Who Owns the Truth?” At a time when digital technologies are radically changing our understanding of reality and truth, this motto poses a central question that concerns us all. In a world of big data, artificial intelligence, and algorithms, who owns the truth? In a society that is increasingly polarized and fragmented, where misinformation and “fake news” are the order of the day? And what is the role of art, science and technology?

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Episode 1: Who Owns the Truth?GermanEnglish
Episode 2: Art in the LabGermanEnglish
Episode 3: Gatekeepers of the TruthGermanEnglish
Episode 4: Truth in Service of Common GoodGermanEnglish
Episode 5: Truth in Business AttireGermanEnglish
Episode 6: Truth in BytesGermanEnglish
Episode 7: Values and VeritiesGermanEnglish
Episode 8: Truths TomorrowGermanEnglish

Info: The Austrian radio station Ö1 accompanied the Ars Electronica Festival 2023 with a festival podcast. On air from July 4 to August 22, 2023, every Tuesday from 4:45 to 4:55 PM.