PODix / Phönixschule–digiTN-Mittelschule Attnang-Puchheim , Photo: homas Schwaiger

PODix–Phönixschule ON AIR

Phönixschule–digiTN-Mittelschule Attnang-Puchheim

The students of the 3rd grade at Phönixschule Attnang-Puchheim have developed and created a podcast that will be regularly featured on the Phönixschule’s website in future.

The aim of the project is to publish interesting, new, exciting and educational content for fellow students. Multilingual contributions will be given ample space for children who are new to the school and whose first language is other than German.

Due to the pupils’ diverse linguistic backgrounds, it was natural to make the podcast multilingual. This expresses that the linguistic diversity of the children is highly valued and enriching for everyone. Our school’s children speak 18 different native languages, which we recognize—unlike many—as a valuable opportunity. This project has helped boost the confidence of our students. In the process, the students have learned the importance of linguistic accuracy.

Initially, potential topics were collected and developed in small groups. Writing the storylines was a major part of the work, with the unexpected positive side effect of students supporting one another. The enthusiasm, care and perseverance shown during the work process, as well as the seriousness with which the children worked on their podcasts, delighted and to some extent surprised the teachers.

Having professional microphones (Yeti-Pro) and editing programs like Audacity and Anchor.FM was important. The students quickly learned how to use the technology and were anxious to start recording.

The reporters are well-known at the school by now, interviews run smoothly and new exciting contributions are being developed.


School: Phönixschule – digiTN-Middle School Attnang-Puchheim

School group: 3a and 3b (2022/23)

Teacher: Thomas Schwaiger

Phönixschule–digiTN-Mittelschule Attnang-Puchheim

The students in the third grade come from many different nations. It is nice to experience that it does not matter at all where the children come from when they interact with each other.

The teachers involved in the project have been working with 3a and 3b for three years. The contact with the children is very intensive, since the teachers are mainly assigned to this year group, and interdisciplinary projects can therefore be implemented easily.