Possible Fiction / Osaka University of Arts (JP), Photo: tom mesic

Possible Fiction

Osaka University of Arts (JP)

When imagining the future, it is important not to take things for granted. But that can be very difficult. So, we gathered together some of the students’ outlandish ideas. For example, they brought in a variety of ideas, such as imagining planets as ice cream or imagining aliens and assembled them into a story. At first, each of us focused on what we thought of as initial inspiration.

However, during the process of creation, teachers asked students to set out the story in detail and explain why. The students’ thinking about this requirement led them to realize that in everyday life, there are so many unconscious decisions we make, things we do without questioning, stereotypes, etc. Furthermore, some students realized that the essence in art is to make the experiencer think so that they can interpret, rather than to convey one clear message. This leads to seeing things from various directions and understanding that different positions and different ways of thinking have different principles of action. Our Department of Art Science aims to cultivate the ability to conceive, to learn imagination, logical thinking, and expression. As a concrete methodology for this purpose, we believe that this production was very effective.

  • 06/09/2023 – 10/09/2023 (CEST)

    06/09/2023 – 10/09/2023 (CEST)

    Matsumoto Arata (JP)

    The “concept of time in modern physics” is different from our common sense. The work is composed of multiple monitors suspended by arms that can be moved by the viewer. The images on each monitor are integrated with the concept of time of modern physics.

  • Aesthetic Avatar Mirror

    Aesthetic Avatar Mirror

    Ando Hideyuki (JP), Ono Nagi (JP)

    Avatars in the metaverse can cause unconscious changes in the user’s mind. It is called ghost engineering technology. We have reduced fear of heights with the Dragon Avatar, and also reduced stuttering with the Ideal Avatar.

  • Agave to check the touch

    Agave to check the touch

    Kaneko Naoya (JP)

    Is the agave only to be admired as it spreads out its magnificent hands to bask in the sun? There are times when a tender feeling arises in the midst of the poorness of a baby’s crawling. Isn’t this another truth?

  • Planet ice cream

    Planet ice cream

    Akao Hirotaka (JP), Kuzukami Kana (JP)

    The Universe that everyone is looking at with relish …. Let’s eat the solar system …. Planetary ice cream toppings of different sizes and weights, topped with space debris, are stacked in a balanced manner and placed on top of each other so that they do not collapse. Pile up as much ice cream as…

  • We are (were) here

    We are (were) here

    Terao Yu (JP)

    A video work in which an alien with no hands produces an origami crane to prove human civilization to aliens after the Earth is destroyed.

About the Department of Art Science

Society demands the ability to cross multiple disciplines and create something new. The Department of Art Science supports learning from a wide range of perspectives, including science, arts and humanities, and fine arts. Students acquire knowledge and skills while crossing borders between the two fields of “art entertainment” and “cutting-edge design”.


Ando Hideyuki, Tamura Misato, Akao Hirotaka, Kuzukami Kana, Inoue Haruka, Kaneko Naoya, Terao Yu, Matsumoto Arata, Aritomi Haku, Chujyo Masahito, Sugao Tsunefusa, Okawa Hinata.

This exhibition was supported by Osaka University of Arts and JST CREST (JPMJCR22P4).