Recording 377

Anastasiia Vishnevska (UA), Larisa Krüger (DE)

Recording 377 is a dystopian short film set in the post-nuclear war era.

The narrative revolves around a youthful filmmaker who finds herself irresistibly drawn into a mesmerizing cinematic journey. Together with her artificial intelligence companion, she endeavours to reconstruct an image of life on Earth in the run-up to the atomic explosion. She dives into deep-seated themes of life, death, love, and humanity.

The movie blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, submerging the viewer in a captivating audio-visual exploration.

Anastasiia Vishnevska (UA)

Anastasiia Vishnevska is a Ukrainian artist studying communication design at HTW Berlin and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She focuses on media and cinematographic art to explore social, moral, and psychological issues. Her work delves into philosophical questions, resonating with her surroundings, and aims to effectively communicate her vision to a broader audience