RIOT / Hilda Hedberg (SE), Nico Petermann (DE), Anna Lena Reisinger (DE), Photo: Hilda Hedberg, Nico Petermann, Anna Lena Reisinger


Hilda Hedberg (SE), Nico Petermann (DE), Anna Lena Reisinger (DE)

The VR-Experience What happened at the Stonewall Inn? shows an important milestone in queer history: the Stonewall riots of 1969. The oppressed queer community of New York defended itself against police arbitrariness, abuse and violence. The riots resulted in the CSD, which is now celebrated annually all over the world. Immerse yourself with our VR-Experience to the bar where it all began, the Stonewall Inn.

Hilda Hedberg (SE)

Hilda Hedberg grew up in Stockholm and moved to Berlin in 2020. She is doing her bachelor’s degree. in Communication Design at HTW Berlin. Hilda’s favorite art medium is illustration, but she has recently opened her eyes up to new mediums, like VR and other digital ways of creating. She enjoys making inclusive, relatable art and doing representative projects.

Nico Petermann (DE)

Nico Petermann is a communication design student at HTW Berlin, who enjoys working with analog and digital media and also likes to combine them. He takes delight in experimenting with new technologies and utilizing them to bring concepts to life. He has a passion for creating art that addresses and reflects upon societal issues and personal concerns.

Anna Lena Reisinger (DE)

Anna Lena Reisinger has been pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication design at the HTW in Berlin since 2021. She is mostly dedicated to analog design through illustration, photography and sketchbook design, but inexhaustibly enjoys discovering new forms of media for herself. She loves collaborating in the creative field, sharing ideas and creating (impact) together.