roadLAB / Technical Museum Vienna (AT), Photo: Philipp Greindl


“Explainers” of the Technical Museum Vienna (AT)

Mobile Maker*Space of the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology (AT)

The Technical Museum Vienna goes mobile. The roadLAB is a fully equipped Maker*Space with 3D printers, laser cutter, cutting plotter, laptops, its own WIFI and much more. Visitors can focus on tinkering, designing and creating. A team of instructors with different backgrounds are available for additional support in operating the machines and in the creative process.
Using a 3D printer to quickly make a new case because the old one is broken? Designing a cell phone case with the help of cutting plotters or building a glowing clock with the laser cutter? What often sounds highly technical and daunting can be child’s play to operate.
In workshops and activities, participants can try out digital production techniques and learn about technical implementation options.

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The roadLAB is an initiative of the Technical Museum Vienna and is funded by the digitization offensive of the Federal Chamber of Labor.


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The Vienna Museum of Science and Technology offers extraordinary insights into the world of technology on an exhibition area of some 22,000 m2. Austria’s audiovisual cultural heritage is stored in the Austrian Media Library with over two million sound recordings and videos.