Photo: Lotta Stöver

Sleep Like Mountains

Lotta Stöver (DE)

Sleep Like Mountains enacts a process of digital embedding and embodying. The installation measures the topography of a human body and compares it to geodata sets of Earth, searching for a most similar location. It attempts to (re-)discover bodies in landscapes and vice versa. By exploiting the inherent reductiveness of digital discretization processes, it opens up a virtual space where the essential categories of the human and the other-than-human can be imaginatively merged.

Lotta Stöver

Lotta Stöver is an emerging artist in the fields of media, technology and research. Her works are driven by an interest in the intersections and interdependencies of phenomena and matters aligning, disobeying, transforming and mutating along with (new) techno-*-logies. She works in various media such as installations, electronics and publications.