Solemn Creatures / Manasi Nair (IN), Josiah Chua (SG), Photo: Manasi Nair, Josiah Chua

Solemn Creatures

Manasi Nair (IN), Josiah Chua (SG)

Solemn Creatures is a series exploring female identity and beauty in fashion with the grotesque charm of the posthuman visuals. Researched and developed in “Fashion Artifice”; a design project that explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, fashion, and posthumanism.

Manasi Nair (IN)

As mixed-media artist with an immense appreciation for the strange and beautiful, my works strive to find the intersection between niche and seemingly unrelated topics. With a background in photography, graphic and editorial design, as well as fine arts, I focus on narratives pertaining to beauty, identity and queerness.

Josiah Chua (SG)

Josiah Chua, a fashion practitioner trained at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore and Bunka College, Tokyo. His unique archive of Singaporean fashion designers’ pieces showcases. Discovering new talents at multi-label stores like Blackmarket (2008-2014) and Front Row (2005-2015) fueled his passion for collecting Singaporean labels.