Sound Campus 

University of Arts Linz

Embracing a collective and non-hierarchical approach, this year’s Sound Campus emphasizes the fluidity of sound expression and music making. Through notions of performativity and improvisation, a multidimensional stage provides a caring frame for solidarity and creation.

Since 2020, Sound Campus is a format hosted by the University of Arts Linz for students and performers to exchange and share with a wider audience. A series of performances, open sessions, radio broadcasts, workshops and itinerant installations will take place around Hauptplatz 6 during the Ars Electronica Festival.

Time & Location

University of Arts Linz—Inner Courtyard, Hauptplatz 6

TUE 5.9 —THU 7.9.2023
FRI 8.9.2023 Open Day

Radio, installation and open sessions
Performances: 19:00—22:00


Curators, organization: Gabriela Gordillo, Andreea Vladut
Technical support: Reinhard Reisenzahn
Graphics: Viktoria Angyal