Spot On MozART / Mozarteum University (AT), Anna Sophie Ofner (AT), photo:

Spot On MozART

Mozarteum University (AT)

What do you see when you listen to Mozart? In a reality and society that is strongly oriented towards images, one must not simply surrender to the omnipresent worlds of images, but rather actively shape them. The power of images does not simply mean helplessness in front of them, but the call to actively create the images of the present and, for us in particular, to exploit technological innovation and digital tools within an art-driven project.

In order to focus even more on the vital connection between acoustic and visual perception, research is also being conducted at the university level on various approaches to the production, distribution and reception of audiovisuality. Spot On MozART is an internationally successful example of this endeavor, based at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. Spot on MozART is an inter-university and interdisciplinary project that aims at a visual exploration of listening and thus a new understanding and visualization of Mozart and his work. At the intersection between art, science and technology, students and teachers from international universities as well as renowned partners from culture, business and technology are developing visualizations of selected works by Mozart. Under the umbrella of Spot On MozART up to 50 so-called work projects, ranging from music videos to short feature films, from media installations to apps, will be created in its duration from 2020-2023.

  • Mozart Contained! 1

    Mozart Contained! 1

    Anna Sophie Ofner (AT)

    Mozart Contained! 1 is an interactive musical experience. The visitors move through the room as authors. The movement in space influences volume and visualization.

  • Mozart Contained! 2

    Mozart Contained! 2

    Anna Sophie Ofner (AT)

    The Rondo in A minor (KV 511) by W. A. Mozart is the framework – the cycle, the organism into which we invite. The visualization presents a concept that combines the experience of timeless eternity and interaction – with each successive repetition, with each successive movement, more space is opened, like layers slowly peeled.


At the Mozarteum University, artistic encounters and challenges are combined with art education and art university research. Highly talented students from all over the world, together with renowned teachers at the Salzburg and Innsbruck campuses, dedicate themselves to developing and opening up the arts and training outstanding talent.

The Fulldome / VR & AR Lab directs and participates in an ensemble of artistic research projects, with a particular focus on the research and development of new digital applications for immersive media environments. Blurring the boundary between physical and virtual worlds and allowing users to experience a sense of immersion, these media environments have become increasingly pervasive and influential in our daily lives. Questions and experiments on holistic audio-visual spatial experiences and on topics that are decisive for the future development of our society are central themes in the research lab.


Project organization: Anna Sophie Ofner, Research Studio Austria: Christian Thomay, Peter Fritz and Michael Matscheko, Research: Thomas Scherndl, Visualization: Luca Mathies and Philipp Toigo, Sound technician: Constantin Hemetsberger