Computer Music / Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Photo: Lea Luka Sikau

Stationary Algorythmics

Lea Luka Sikau (DE), Qi Chen (CN), Orina Dorothy (KE), Ahmad Abou Adla (LB), Claudio Hontana (ES), Chonglian Yu (CN), Hotti Böhm (DE), Christóbal Parra (CL), Youngjun Choi (KR), Nico Espinoza (CL), Kaito Muramatsu (JP), Jeri Ho (TW), George Kuhn (GB)


This interdisciplinary group had the chance to work with Miller Puckette, the inventor of pure data and Max MSP, two softwares that were defining for computer music in the last decades. In the workshop, the group engaged with three themes: remapping public and private space, sonifying a network of trains that arrive every minute, and relocating signals to reconfigure their meaning.

Emerging from the workshop, the installation booth documents a performance of computer music at the station in Linz. The visitors experience a merging of the virtual and real worlds. They are invited to situate themselves in between a computational music interface (pure data patch) and the liminality of a station environment. Either they can pass by, seeing our performance while themselves on the move, or step inside the ‘station’ and listen to the algorhythmic composition, a fusion of the rhythms of playing and the algorithms that are activated in real-time.

The visitors can listen to documentation of the computer music performance as well as an ever-evolving algorithmic composition, entering private sonic spaces within the public space of the POSTCITY. Meanwhile, the construction elements merge stations in the city of Linz with commands from the pure data patch, and the timetable maps a new reality.


Group Mentors
Barbara Kiolbassa (DE), Miller Puckette (US)