SWERVE / Anna Nazo , Photo Anna Nazo


Anna Nazo (CA)

Digital Queer Ecologies

SWERVE is an art-led research initiative that investigates radically different ethical-aesthetic narrative ecologies, enabling critical cross-cultural ways of knowledge production through innovative storytelling in more than human worlds. SWERVE was initiated in 2021 as a finalist project of the Terra Carta Design Lab, a competition to develop solutions to the climate crisis, conceived by King Charles III and Sir Jony Ive as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Anna Nazo (CA)

Anna Nazo is a London-based performance artist, researcher/educator whose practice engages computing technologies, AI in contemporary philosophy-poetics and art practice-led science. Her current focus is on AI & narrative ecologies including non-Western onto-epistemologies, neurotechnology, drone storytelling and web3.