Symphony of the Stones / Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR), Photo:

Symphony of the Stones

Brice Ammar-Khodja (FR)

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Symphony of the Stones is an installation that examines the correlation between the abnormally high presence of heavy metals and magnetic residues in contaminated soils. The project originated from a site-specific study and a series of interventions in a former marshaling yard in Montreal. The installation explores the interconnections between urban infrastructures, pollutants, soils and living organisms by activating mineral contaminants and various extractive residues.
Software Development Support: Jean-Michaël Celerier.

Brice Ammar-Khodja

Brice Ammar-Khodja is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who investigates the socio-environmental impacts of neglected residual materials. Through the concept of material agency, he develops public art installations that seek to engage the public and foster critical dialogue on the urgent need for environmental preservation. He is a Hexagram Network Doctoral student member at Concordia University.