Tactile music interfaces

Tijana Mirjacic (DE), Maksym Pidluzhnyi (UA), Maksym Ponomarenko (UA), Anastasiia Vishnevska (UA)

The interactive application was developed with the aim of providing inclusive access for blind and visually impaired people and was created in cooperation with the Museum of Musical Instruments (MiM) in Berlin. The three musical interfaces are each inspired by historical musical instruments in their functionality and appearance. These are the hurdy-gurdy, the clavichord and the shelf. By touching or pressing these tactile interfaces, the samples of the respective exhibits produce sound and encourage visitors to make music

Tijana Mirjacic (DE)

Tijana Mirjacic is a Berlin-based artist and a student in the field of communication design at HTW Berlin. Her artistic work focuses on photography, film and installation art. She dedicates herself to sociopolitical issues, social questions and the complex aspects of emotions. With her narrative approach, Tijana Mirjacic creates works that stimulate viewers to reflect and open up new perspectives. Her works touch on themes such as identity, justice, and social dynamics.

Maksym Pidluzhnyi (UA)

Maksym Pidluzhnyi is a Ukrainian artist based in Berlin. His main area of interest lies at the intersection of information technology, art and sociology. His recent projects have focused on the development of inclusive musical installations and envisioning the future of AI in terms of its sensory development. His goal is to explore and unlock human potential through the use of modern technologies.

Maksym Ponomarenko (UA)

Maksym Ponomarenko is a Ukrainian artist. As essentialmiks, he composes experimental electronic music, creating mystical atmospheres that range from calm to intense. With a background in theater and event directing, Maksym’s work gravitates towards crafting scenes and setting moods. He performs on various stages, creates music for videos, DJs and releases albums of different genres.

Anastasiia Vishnevska (UA)

Anastasiia Vishnevska is a Ukrainian artist studying communication design at HTW Berlin and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She focuses on media and cinematographic art to explore social, moral, and psychological issues. Her work delves into philosophical questions, resonating with her surroundings, and aims to effectively communicate her vision to a broader audience.