Texturologie vibratoire / Max Boutin (FR), Photo: vog.photo

Texturologie vibratoire

Max Boutin (FR)

A skateboarder is like the diamond of a record player, rolling on the textured ground of the city. He follows trajectories from which emanates rhythms and a unique musicality. The urban space is like an immense vinyl record, only asking to be skated, to make a sensitive experience of slide and friction, an experience of urban dérive. Texturologie vibratoire is a haptic installation proposing to see, hear and feel this materiality through the skateboarder’s point of view and instrument.

Max Boutin

Max Boutin is an artist-researcher-skater developing the concept of texturology in visual and media arts by which he transposes the sensory experience of the skateboard into audio, video and sculptural installations, with skateboarding as an act of creation. He is a Hexagram Network doctoral student member at Université du Québec à Montréal.