The Truth About Being a Woman / The Hissing Booth / Mary Mayrhofer (AT), Patrick Litzlfellner (AT), Photo showing: Mary Mayrhofer (artist) credit:

The Truth About Being a Woman / The Hissing Booth

Mary Mayrhofer (AT), Patrick Litzlfellner (AT)

It is true that we have not managed to achieve absolute equality this year either. And it is unfortunately also true that people who behave in a misogynous or sexist way tend not to change this behavior. The Truth About Being A Woman aims to confront exactly these people with social problems and everyday conflicts. The second part of the project is called Hissing Booth and deals with the topic in a more humorous way. Hissing Booth is based on the principle of a Kissing Booth-a small kiosk that sells kisses. However, catcalling (= lewd shouts, sexualized comments in public spaces) is referred to here. Both concepts rely on the power of direct, unexpected and above all gender-independent confrontation – because that’s exactly how sexism happens: unexpectedly.

This project has emerged from the impulses, criticism and opinions of many people – especially women. We would like to thank all those who have contributed in any way to the realization of this artwork.


Mary Mayrhofer (AT), Patrick Litzlfellner (AT)

Dieses Projekt ist aus Impulsen, Kritik und Meinungen vieler Menschen – insbesondere von Frauen* – entstanden. Wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die in irgendeiner Weise zur Realisierung dieses Kunstwerkes beigetragen haben.

Mary Mayrhofer (AT), Patrick Litzlfellner (AT)

Mary Mayrhofer is an artist from Linz who primarily deals with socially critical themes and her inner self. Through the association Catcalls of Linz, contact was made with Patrick Litzlfellner, who is likewise interested in technology and activism. With combined forces and mutual interest, the collaboration on The Truth About Being a Woman was born.