Zeitsturm / Time Tunnel, Julian Pixel Schmiederer

Time Tunnel

Julian Pixel Schmiederer (AT)

The sound installation “Time Tunnel“ sends you on an unpleasant journey through a time we collectively decided to call „covid time“ or “pandemic time“. A time in which news and catchy headlines flooded our timelines and over stimulated our cognitive awareness.

Consisting of twelve speakers, each representing two months, “Time Tunnel“ aims to flood your perception once more. Emotionless, unpersonal voices read back to you all New York Times headlines from the very day that the word “covid”could be found in the headline of the title story for the first time all the way to the day when the main headline reported the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

To achieve a maximum of detachment, real vocals were recorded and then cloned by using an AI tool. This way the vocals have a natural sounding origin but also sound mechanical and cold, which helps to create an uncanny experience.


Julian Pixel Schmiederer

Original voices cloned by AI: Emelie Oppelt, Lion Binder, Hortense Boulais-Ifrène, Phillip Jancsy, Julian Schmiederer