Transatlantic Visions / Juliette Lusven (FR),Photo:

Transatlantic Visions

Juliette Lusven (FR)

This installation explores our relationship to the world and technology through the undersea infrastructure of the Internet, evoked as the “backbone” of our interconnectivity (Starosielski). Like an informational ecosystem, Transatlantic Visions examines this phenomenon of invisibility and circulation from the Atlantic Ocean and the web, articulating different visualizations, scale and materialities, between geographic, digital, geological and microscopic data from the seabed. In collaboration with Max Boutin, Marc-André Cossette and Geotop.

Juliette Lusven

Juliette Lusven is an artist-researcher in visual and media arts with a focus on art-science. She explores processes of visualization and imagery of terrestrial and oceanic spaces, interrogating relationships between technology, materiality, flows and scales. Lusven is a Hexagram Network doctoral student member at Université du Québec à Montréal.