Vibrant Self / Alba Triana (CO), Photo: Camilo Martin

Vibrant Self

Alba Triana (CO)

Vibrant Self explores the inseparable relationship between the fundamental structure of the natural world, the human being and human artifacts. An essential “reality”—driven by vibration and interconnectedness—manifests through the human body as mood, action, meaning, agenda and ideology. These complex expressions emerge from the constant dialogue between the body’s natural essence and the individual’s environment, sociocultural context and personal construct.

Interacting visitors listen to a musical composition conceived as an Audible Score, comprising natural, urban, media and music archive recordings. This Audible Score is designed to induce various reactions in the visitor-performer, which are captured by a Brain-Computer Interface. The BCI data is transformed into soundwaves that unveil, audibly and visually, the brainwaves and muscular responses using a laser system. The resulting installation is presented as an involuntary performance for non-interacting visitors.


Alba Triana Studio

Technical assistant: Juan Sebastián Amaya

Installation development assistants: Catherine Serrato, Camilo Martín.

Photos: Camilo Martín


Pro Helvetia — Swiss Arts Council South America

Scientific consultant: Prof. Christophe Galland, Laboratory of Quantum and Nano-Optics Director, Institute of Physics, EPFL

Photo: Andres Henao

Alba Triana (CO)

Alba Triana is a sound/intermedia artist and composer. Delving into vibration, interconnectedness and nature’s self-organization, she explores the natural world’s fundamental structure and its manifestation through human expressions such as art and music. Recognitions and commissions include the Ars Electronica Award of distinction (AT), Civitella-Ranieri Fellowship (IT/US), Pro Helvetia (CH), South Arts Fellowship, Kronos Quartet, American Composers Forum (US) and Ministry of Culture (CO).