What if … everything turns out well?, Photo: Marion Friedl

What if … everything turns out well?

create your world (AT), mb21 (DE), c3 (HU), Only Tomorrow Association (RO)

Youth Exchange Project 2023

Young people from three four different countries visit Linz for the Youth Exchange 2023—the 13th edition of a cultural and artistic exchange during the Ars Electronica Festival.

Based on their talents, around 15 participants aged between 16 and 21 are selected from media art competitions from Hungary, Germany, Austria and Romania. The encounter of a variety of competences and expertise usually results in an equally multilayered project, which will be developed during the five festival days and presented to the visitors on the last festival day. The workshop, which is free of charge for the young participants, has been conducted around the events and exhibitions at the festival, therefore the participants can explore the festival program and deepen their focus on this year’s workshop topic “what if … everything turns out well!?”

The workshop aims to kickstart collaborative imagination—create together a world for dreamers, thinkers and makers, to practice free play with speculative character design, speculative fiction and future hackathon, also to figure out special needs for boosting one’s own creativity. And the young participants are invited to speculate with us together and create themselves a persona within a fictional world they want to live in.

Project Presentation

SUN, 10.9.2023, 11:00 am

create your world (AT), mb21 (DE), c3 (HU), Only Tomorrow Association (RO)

The initiatives <19 shape your world Budapest (HU), create your world, Linz (AT), mb21, Dresden (DE) and the Only Tomorrow Association, Arad (RO) are exploring different aspects of digitization through the eyes of youth plus from the perspective of education. Though every single organization has its own mission or approach to “how to involve and support the next generation in their own region”, all of them nonetheless share with each other the individual experiences they are gathering. In this way, they discover correlations between their individual practice and benefit from what they learn for continuing the work with their specific age groups.