Mit Wasser für die Umwelt / NÖ Mittelschule Lunz am See , Photo: Valentina Leitner, Lisa Paumann

With water for the environment

Lower Austrian Middle School Lunz am See

The project With Water for the Environment builds on the guiding principle “The wise delight in water” (Confucius, 551-479). The theme is the basic element of water. In the project, this precious commodity was examined from different angles, with the goal of creating sustainable awareness and values. Cooperation with research institutions and experts rounded off the project. The students, bringing already acquired knowledge and skills in chemistry and physics to the project, explored the structure and property relationships of water applying their knowledge of the environmental relevance of the raw material.

The project combines technical knowledge, social skills training and basic digital education. In the public exhibition, students communicated their acquired knowledge in short presentations. They also developed and produced a Pixi book including a researcher box. In the project day, children of the first grade elementary school visited students of the fourth grade middle school and experimented together with the Pixi book and researcher box. The project was concluded with impulse lectures and discussion rounds on the topics of “Water & Law” and “Our Lunz Drinking Water”.


School: Lower Austrian Middle School Lunz am See

School group: Bildungscampus Lunz am See: 4th grade and 2nd grade MS, 1st grade VS

Students: 4th grade: Dominik F., Leon H., Samuel H., Andrea H., Tim J., Florian L., Gabriel M., Amelie M., Theresa P., Jonas P., Christoph S., Valenina S., Lukas S., Nikolaus St., Eric W.

2nd grade: Magdalena G., Elina M., Julia L., Sara S.

Contributors: 4th grade, 2nd grade, Participation: 1st grade elementary school

Teachers: Valentina Leitner, Lisa Pauman

Lower Austrian Middle School Lunz am See

This project reflects the philosophy of the Bildungscampus Lunz am See very well. Working across subjects, classes, schools and institutions is a special feature of our school location. It is a joy to see fourth grade middle school students applying their acquired knowledge and preparing it as age-appropriate lesson content for first grade elementary school students, followed by joint experimentation, research and learning.

Valentina Leitner completed a teaching degree in chemistry and history at the University of Vienna and has been teaching at the Lower Austrian Middle School Lunz am See since 2022.

Lisa Paumann: After graduating in the field of interior design / furniture construction she followed the teacher training program for mathematics and crafts at the KPH Vienna / Krems. She has been teaching at the Lower Austrian Middle School Lunz am See since 2020.