Wonder of Life / Wen-Chieh Chang (TW), Photo: Wen-Chieh Chang

Wonder of Life

Wen-Chieh Chang (TW)

What is life?

It’s the veins on a lotus leaf,
It’s the transient resting and then the fly-away of a dragonfly.
It’s a faint fragrance dissipating in the air,
It’s ripples waving through the water surface and disappearing…

lies within every little wonder & mystery of nature in the lotus pond at dawn.

Wen-Chieh Chang (TW)

Wen-Chieh Chang is a cross-disciplinary artist who integrates video-graphic creativity, interactive technologies and new media arts. His innovative works, such as The Universe of Liu Kuo-Sun, Kuo Hsueh-Hu Home Gazing, Childhood Revisited, and Wonder of Life, reflect deeply on traditional culture and deconstruct it with new media art.