u19 and Animations

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Let us in on your idea for the world of tomorrow and this year’s Golden Nica could have your name on it!

u19-CREATE YOUR WORLD is the competition for creative young people up to age 19 who live in Austria and whose idea of having fun is coming up with something new. We welcome all innovative ideas that can make a positive impact on your world—the world of tomorrow.

Do you like to watch movies and cartoons? Have you ever thought about making your own films? Every year, the list of u19 prizewinners includes novices enjoying the rewards of their first successful attempt at filmmaking. Here’s a rundown of just a few.

Der weiße Hai” (the white shark) by Matthias Riedler is a short work of flash animation drawn with Paint. It was honored with a u10 merchandise prize in 2010. In Steven Spielberg’s famous film “Jaws,” the great white eats people; in this one, it’s a person who emerges from the shark’s mouth.

Michael Schmidl, the winner of the 2010 u14 merchandise prize, entered an animated work as well. In “Vom Himmel gefallen” (fallen from the sky), an alien learns to play drums via USB stick.

In 2011, Honorary Mentions went to “apaci styler” with its dance video in the school gym and to the girls of BRG Judenburg High School for their updated version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Films and animated works have already been submitted for prize consideration this year too. One is a commercial for fresh fruit by three girls from Freistadt, Upper Austria. Pieces of fruit successively fall into a glass bowl and are mixed together. The title and motto of this stop-motion video is: “The good vitamins are found only in real fruit.” And that’s a statement we heartily agree with!

u19 is also a showcase in which young animation professionals can display their talents. In 2011, Flugundfall (flight and fall) earned Nikolai Maderthoner an Award of Distinction.

We’re sure you’ve got some interesting stories to tell too. Or maybe you’d like to create a music video for your favorite song. Regardless of whether you use figures made of Lego blocks or modeling clay, employ human actors or design virtual characters—on the internet you’ll find several freeware programs that can help you turn your ideas into a real film.

Or maybe you’re working on some other fascinating ideas too, ones that take an innovative approach to enriching and improving the world of tomorrow? Perhaps you’ve been developing games and apps that others might appreciate too? Or do you give free rein to your creativity in other areas altogether—for instance, graphics or sound art?

Whatever! Get involved in u19-CREATE YOUR WORLD and show the whole world what you’ve been up to in your world!

Find out what you can win and how to enter at www.u19.at.