Rag Shopping Wall


The internet is pushing retail to it’s limits, offering endless opportunities to spend one’s well-earned money. Well working strategies of old don’t cut it anymore, in order to compete with onlineshops, one has to find clever ways to enhance the shopping-experience. Umdasch Shopfitting and Ars Electronica Solutions have teamed up to offer something new.

The first result of the partnership can be seen at the Rag Store in Vienna’s Mariahilferstra├če 70. It is the Rag Shopping Wall, a huge multi-touch-screen offering the whole range of the label at your fingertips.

For example, you can grab any t-shirt or hoody at the store, place it close to the wall and learn, if it’s available in different colours or variations and wheter you can buy them. If they are not available, you can simply toss them into your virtual shopping cart and order it via webshop to have it delivered. Cross-Channel-Shopping is the terminus technicus here and it is one way of shopping of the future.

You can browse they whole range of products, collect your favourite pieces, put them on or again order them online if not available, you can watch videos and photographs, check the most-sold products and depending on your personality buy or avoid exactly those products.

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The goal of the Rag Shopping Wall is to bring together the comfort, ease and accessibility of the online-world with the physical experience of shopping in a store, where you can try on things, feel the cloth and so on. Also it steals from mechanisms of the world of Social Media to enhance the experience and build communities around the label.

Visit the Rag Store in Vienna, you will see installations like the Shopping Wall all over the place soon and can get to know them starting right now.