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NAWAREUM - Sustainability Museum and Multimedia room in the hotel DAS MORGEN

1 Year Samurai Museum Berlin - A Review

08.05.2023 marked the anniversary of the reopening of one of the most extensive Ars Electronica Solutions projects: An interactive exhibition that has long since inspired more than just Samurai fans.

Society? That's us!

It's the third pillar of Ars Electronica, and we're all a part of it: In part three of our annual review, we'll tell you what the "Society" in our name stands for.

That's why we are so fascinated by technology

We experiment, develop and tell stories with technology. The first part of Ars Electronica's 2022 Year in Review shows how.

The Vienna ferris wheel
Throwback: The Vienna Giant Ferris

In 2017, Ars Electronica Solutions was engaged by ARTDELUXE Kunst- und Kulturmanagement to stage the new foyer at Vienna's Giant Ferris Wheel.

Throwback: Spaceship Earth

The exhibition "Spaceship Earth" dealt with the question of what we can learn about our planet by observing it.

People at the Vienna Airport
Throwback: From Austria to the World

"From Austria to the World" - under this motto, the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal Check-in 3 at Vienna Airport featured five unique gigapixel images of New York City in 2013.

The Deep Space EVOLUTION has started

On March 30, 2022, Deep Space EVOLUTION celebrated its premiere at the Ars Electronica Center. We have a few impressions for you.

That's what the new Deep Space EVOLUTION program looks like

New laser projectors, the most powerful graphics cards, a 3D tracking system and a whole range of new interactive programs and spectacular applications. This is Deep Space EVOLUTION.

Deep Space EVOLUTION: From the Cave into the Deep Space

With the CAVE, the Ars Electronica Futurelab laid the foundation for this experiential environment in the 1990s. "Deep Space EVOLUTION" is Ars Electronica's next chapter when it comes to immersive visual worlds.

"Sustainability begins with the mind"

A new workshop format encourages people to question their own thinking about sustainability and thus initiate change. Let's take a closer look!

EXPO 2020 is officially open

After a year of Corona-related delays, Expo 2020 officially opened in Dubai on October 1. We have some insights for you.

EXPO 2020: Dialog with the future

After a year of Corona-related postponement, EXPO 2020 is finally getting underway. The Ars Electronica Solutions team is playing a key role in the Austria Pavilion.

The Return of the Samurai

How does one come to collect samurai art? And how can art-historical artifacts be presented in a modern way? (German language)

Teaching Sustainability - But in a Playful Way

For the new NAWAREUM hands-on museum, Ars Electronica Solutions is developing two game tables that make it possible to experience energy supply through renewable energies and resources in an interactive, strategic and playful way.

Ars Electronica Solutions Stages the Fire Truck of the Future

Clouds of fog, flashing blue light, spotlights shining through the evening sky and a pulsating LED façade: On Wednesday evening, September 23, there was a lot going on in front of and inside the Ars Electronica Center...

"The Deep Space has a soul"

With fascination we go on a time travel back to the 90s - to the "Cave", a multimedia room in the recently opened Ars Electronica Center where you could float through walls... A lot has changed since then, both technically and contentwise.

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

It is a sonorous theme under which the World Expo in Dubai will start in October 2020. The idea behind it: Building partnerships and inspiring ideas that will shape the world of tomorrow. Because we all have the power to shape the future.

Smart Home - Sweet Home?

Digitalisation is on everyone's mind. Artificial intelligence surrounds us in many everyday situations and moves into our most intimate living spaces. Everything is connected, we are constantly online. Is there still a life without the World Wide Web? Why shop yourself when the refrigerator can do it alone? Of the comforts and dangers of a smart world.

Solutions in Leoben: A mine tour, a wire-rolling mill, and a beer museum

From an adventurous trip in a Hauly through the Erzberg mine to an interactive tour of the world’s most modern wire-rolling mill – the Ars Electronica Solutions projects in Leoben could hardly offer more variety. Get an overview in this interview.

More Media Art for Leoben!

From a park bench that likes to chat to a gigapixel image on the Maßenburg observation platform—Ars Electronica Solutions developed several installations for Kunsthalle Leoben that connect the museum to the surrounding cityscape. We found out more in this interview.

Drones as Media Tool: Mixed Reality Drone Racing

What’s still just a construction site in Kapfenberg, Austria will soon be the world’s most modern stainless steel mill. One of the highlights of the groundbreaking ceremony for voestalpine’s new work was a spectacular mixed reality drone race staged right above the building site by Ars Electronica Solutions. We found out more in this interview.

On Milestones and Megatrends: Two Pavilions for Umdasch Group

To mark the Umdasch Group’s 150th anniversary, Ars Electronica Solutions designed two pavilions showcasing the company’s past and present, as well as the future of the company and our world to go on display in Vienna’s Weltmuseum. Solutions project manager Claus Zweythurm told us more in this interview.

Tradition Meets Innovation: Ars Electronica Solutions and Sacher

How does one blend innovation and tradition? Technology and handicraft? The zeitgeist with a time-honored history? In three projects commissioned in conjunction with the makeover of Café Sacher Eck, Ars Electronica Solutions had the opportunity to come up with answers. In this interview, Solutions project manager Harald Moser and Reiner Heilmann, director of Hotel Sacher in Vienna, provide insights into their collaboration.

Papercraft and Animation: A Diorama for Sacher

As part of the makeover of Café Sacher Eck in Vienna, Ars Electronica Solutions implemented three innovative projects on the premises of this traditional Viennese landmark. A core element of this collaborative effort is a diorama in which Sacher Moments are played out amidst a papercraft model of the Sacher complex featuring playful animated sequences. In this interview, we learn more from Daniela Leitner and Sandra Reichl, the two designers who executed this concept.

Fronius: An Electric Arc Highlights a Trade Show

Fronius is the global market leader in robotic welding, and has made a name for itself worldwide in the field of arc & resistance spot welding. This year, Ars Electronica Solutions designed the company’s stand at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 in Düsseldorf, the world’s premier trade show for welding and cutting technology. In this interview, Ars Electronica Solutions Director Michael Mondria talks about what went into this assignment.

LabOratorium – An Alchemical WorldLab

For “LabOratorium – An Alchemical WorldLab,” the Ars Electronica Solutions came up with an experimental exhibition concept that dovetails nicely with this year’s festival theme. This setup showcased the artists’ works and also gave the participating institutions an opportunity to show what they’re all about. We will show you some impressions of the exhibition at the POSTCITY.

Spy Museum Berlin: On the Trail of Secret Agents

Spies, secret agents and intelligence operatives take note: In Berlin, state-of-the-art technologies are being used to blow the cover of all sorts of espionage activities. To find out more, visit Spy Museum Berlin, a joint operation with Ars Electronica Solutions.

Spaceship Earth

We are all astronauts. The new exhibition "Spaceship Earth" at the Ars Electronica Center in collaboration with the ESA is dedicated to the fascinating and revealing satellite images of our planet.

Styriaversum - An Interactive Lobby

The lobby of a company’s head office is its business card. Ars Electronica Solutions designed the Styriaversum to extend an impressive welcome to those entering the lobby of Styria Media Group AG’s stylish new headquarters.