The best festival tips for: Scientists


This year, the Ars Electronica Festival will once again bring together experts from a wide variety of fields in one place for five days – including academics! In this article, we have summarized which program items are particularly exciting for scientists at this year’s festival.

STARTS Collaborations / POSTCITY

Amsterdam’s 3D Printed Steel Bridge. Credit: MX3D & Joris Laarman Lab

STARTS stands for Science, Technology and the Arts. At STARTS Collaborations on Friday, September 7, 2018, experts from the fields of science, technology, art and residency programs will provide insights into their experiences.

Academy of Error

At the Academoy of Error on Sunday, September 9, 2018, scientists will talk in a panel discussion about mistakes in their disciplines – and how to deal with them. The Academoy of Error is moderated by antimatter physicist Michael Doser.

ASSISIbf—Symbiotic computation of bio-hybrid systems

ASSISIbf – Symbiotic computation of bio-hybrid systems. Credit: Artificial Life Lab Graz

Researchers from three different universities are investigating the behavior of bees and fish at ASSISIbf in order to identify the environmental impact on animals and humans from nature’s swarm intelligences.

Expert Tour: Art & Space, Humanity in Space

Credit: Xin Liu

Xin Liu from the Space Exploration Initiative of the MIT Media Lab leads this expert tour through POSTCITY Linz – with a special focus on space and space technologies.

Space Art – Trial and Error in Art & Science

The panel on Sunday afternoon, 9 September 2018, deals with the combination of art and space travel – and how errors in one area are welcomed, but in the other usually decide between life and death. Hiroshi Ishii from MIT Media Lab will moderate the event.

Data to the People – The Path Away from Digital Feudalism / Ernst Hafen

In his presentation at the theme conference on Friday, September 7, 2018, biologist Ernst Hafen talks about how we can become Citizen Scientists with medical data – and yet not lose our data sovereignty.

Mother’s Hand Taste (Son-mat) / Jiwon Woo

Mother´s Hand Taste (Son-mat). Credit: Jiwon Woo

What Mom cooks tastes best. Really? The artist Jiwon Woo explores the myth by examining bacteria on the hands of three generations.

The Fractured Mirror: Reflecting on Artificial Intelligence and Us / Beth Singler

In her talk, anthropologist and digital ethnographer Beth Singler will talk about the ethical, social and religious effects of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Future Flora: Celebrating Female Biophilia / Giulia Tomasello

Credit: Tom Mannion

The designer and organic hacker Giulia Tomasello created the DIY kit “Future Flora“, a practical set for home with which you can grow bacteria for your own vaginal flora. It won the STARTS Prize in the “Artistic Exploration” category in 2018.

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