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Sep 25, 2023Equipped for the future?

Basic digital education is the examination of the mechanisms of technology, its ethical aspects and social contexts.

Sep 19, 2023Between Humans and Nature: an interview with Chiaochi Chou

FOUNDING LAB student Bart Kuipers had the chance to interview Chiaochi Chou (TW) and ask her about the work Synplant that she created together with Youyang Hu (CN) and Yasuaki Kakehi (JP).

Sep 18, 2023On the Art of Reinvention: A University Begins

As part of FOUNDING LAB, Ars Electronica and the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria commissioned 75 students from around the world to imagine a new university.

Sep 12, 2023Back in POSTCITY and through downtown Linz: That was the Ars Electronica Festival 2023!

Five days full of exhibitions, performances, lectures and events are behind us - in the unique location of POSTCITY and at 13 venues in downtown Linz.

Sep 11, 2023Media Art Galore on Day 5: Prix Ars Electronica Day

It wouldn't be Ars Electronica if art didn't have the last word...