The Prix Ars Electronica Jury 2020: u19 – create your world


Who determines what the next generation will be like in 20 years? Which technologies will we develop? How will our society change? Which artistic ideas can be useful to us? create your world is looking for ideas and projects on the future of under-19-year-olds from Austria as part of the Prix Ars Electronica. The extended deadline for submissions is March 16; school classes and groups of friends are invited to participate as well as individuals; vague ideas will be honored just as much as perfectly polished projects. There is a total of 8,000 euros in prize money to be won, the Golden Nica, the MIC Special Prize for innovative ideas and projects in the fields of IT, programming, game design, web and internet – and last but not least the chance to be discovered as a talent and to be supported in the context of follow-up projects. These five people – all of whom are no strangers to create your world – make up the 2020 Prix Ars Electronica Jury in the u19 – create your world category:

Sirikit Amann

She belongs to u19 – create your world just like the Golden Nica to the Prix Ars Electronica: Sirikit Amann has been a juror in this category since “u19 – create your world” was founded, i.e. since 1998. Until 2020 she was head of cultural education with schools at KulturKontakt Austria. Currently Sirikit Amann is head of the new department “Education and Society” at OeAD-GmbH. Education and culture have accompanied her throughout her professional life. Before that she worked in the office of the Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Arts and Culture.

At u19 – create your world, Sirikit Amann appreciates the insight into the minds of children and young people, which every year, when looking through the submissions, makes her think, smile, marvel and sometimes shake her head.

“After all the years on the jury, the countless entries, the frequent More of the same, the unexpected moments of amazement and joy at a new aspect, the desire to discover something new, the laughter at the joke or the irony, I would like to say to you: To all of you who have already participated and you who will continue to participate – you have enriched my life”.

Gerald Hartwig
Gerald Hartwig, born in Graz, combines film expertise, the art of drawing and pedagogical competence in one person. After studying film in Los Angeles, he got stuck in the “land of unlimited possibilities” and, according to his own statement, has “experienced just about everything you can imagine under the desert sun”. Fortunately, however, after numerous exhibitions and trips around the world, he returned to his home country in 2013. Shortly afterwards his first graphic novel “Chameleon” was released. He draws for various magazines, the film industry and for himself. Since 2018, Gerald Hartwig has also been teaching presentation and composition at the HTBLA Ortweinschule in Graz.

Karl Markovics

There’ s no need to introduce Karl Markovics to you, is there? But did you know that the Austrian actor, who became world famous in 2008 for his role in the Oscar-winning film “The Counterfeiters”, is also no stranger to u19 – create your world?

He was already part of the jury in 2013 and 2016. At that time we talked to him about his thoughts on the younger generation and what “creativity” actually means to him. Because the promotion of young talents is very close to his heart, he is happy to be part of the jury again this year.

“I was completely surprised by the wealth and variety of ideas the first time. And I am already looking forward to being surprised again. That’s what’s special about the u19 category: it ranges from elementary school students to high school graduates, from colored pencil drawings to 3D computer animation. You can see the world through the eyes of children and young people when they are shown in such an impressive way, as in u19 – create your world.”

Conny Lee

Neither does the next jury member require a detailed introduction: Conny Lee is not only a permanent member of the Radio FM4 editorial staff, but has also become a member of the Ars Electronica Festival and the u19 – create your world jury. Born in Lower Austria, Conny Lee came to Vienna to study theater, film and media sciences, a field of study that is “disreputable as a waste of money”. Since 2010, she’s been editor for games, IT, literature and comics, as well as producer and co-host of the morning show. We would like to share a special moment in her work at FM4 with you:

At the Ars Electronica Festival, Conny Lee can usually be found, when she’s not hosting the u19 – create your world Award Ceremony, in the FM4 Spielekammerl. There, not only can visitors test the latest games, but it’s also broadcasted live from the mobile FM4 studio in Linz.

Irene Posch

Irene Posch is “the new one” in the u19 – create your world jury and yet not new to Ars Electronica. The current head of the “Design: Technology.Textiles” department at the University for Art and Design Linz previously developed exhibitions and interactive installations for the Ars Electronica Futurelab. The professor and artist’s work is deeply rooted in textiles: she deals both theoretically and practically with the mutual influence of current technological developments and art, design and craft disciplines, as well as with their social, cultural, technical and aesthetic results. An insight into her work is given in this video about a research stay at Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory, during which she rethought and redesigned an interactive children’s book, designed by her grandmother, using technology.

Another interesting work of art that Irene Posch has been working on until recently is “The Embroidered Computer”: A functioning 8-bit computer that can perform simple arithmetical operations, but is programmable and consists entirely of linen, glass and magnetic beads as well as gold threads, copper and wood. The artist and scientist will definitely enrich the jury with this expertise in the field of handicraft.

Have you become curious? You can find out more about the Prix Ars Electronica, the individual categories and the juries here and on our blog. The submission phase runs until March 16, the jury meeting will take place at the end of April, and the winners will be announced in mid-June. Countless background facts about the “Prix Universe” to shorten your waiting time can be found here as well.

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