Deep Space EVOLUTION: Welcome to Planet B

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Lab meat or vegan nutrition? E-vehicle or public mobility? City living or shared rural home? What lifestyle changes are you willing to make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? These choices not only change your own life, but impact all of us far into the future. Wouldn’t it be helpful to test them in advance to better assess their consequences? Therefore: Welcome to Planet B!

On a virtual planet in Deep Space 8K, modeled after our real world, you have the power to challenge your decisions and their impact on the climate. Here you will be presented with the alternative: Nuclear power or renewable energy? Waste reduction or improved recycling? This is how you and other visitors decide on the impact of climate change in Planet B’s virtual reality.

How will your decisions affect the planet in future? Can you and your teammates reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough to achieve the best future scenario? Travel to the year 2100 with Welcome to planet B to see how sustainable your team’s decisions are. And see up close that each and every individual has it in their hands to be a part of a positive future for our planet today and on a very personal level.

In order to prevent a climate catastrophe and to be able to look forward to a positive, livable future, we have to make a change. – And we have to do it now! With Welcome to Planet B, the Ars Electronica Futurelab invites us to take a critical look at climate change and challenges visitors to the newly updated Deep Space 8K to question their own lifestyles.

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