Polychoros - Night Performances

Human and virtual dancer in a duet of self-realization: an expressive dance performance in Deep Space 8K.

\a.ni.i.la.sjɔ̃\ [annihilation] - Night Performances

When humans and industry threaten the planet: a dystopian performance as an immersive experience in Deep Space 8K.

SonoSynthesis - Night Performances

Humans, AI and microorganisms compose together: SonoSynthesis presents a hybrid future of art at its world premiere.

Man-Machine Music - Night Performances

How can we use AI as a creative resource in the future? An audiovisual interpretation of an AI composition invites reflection.

Maki Namekawa with Life Ink - Night Performances

When creativity becomes visible: a unique performance of pianist Maki Namekawa, visualized live by her brain waves and body signals.

That's why we are so fascinated by technology

We experiment, develop and tell stories with technology. The first part of Ars Electronica's 2022 Year in Review shows how.

Prestigious innovation award for Futurelab project

"Virtual Anatomy" by the Ars Electronica Futurelab in cooperation with Siemens Healthineers and the JKU has been awarded at the E&T Innovation Awards.

Artistic Journalism in Deep Space 8K
Dataspace: Newspaper of the Future?

How to bring truth to the center of collective perception? Artistic Journalism and Dataspace as ways out of the vacuum of real information.

Data Telling Story

WebExpression, an audiovisual interpretation of data for Cisco Systems makes abstract dynamics visible, telling a story about hybrid corporate culture.

Dataspace: Global Impact of Russia's War on Ukraine

What does this war mean for each of us? A visualization of facts and figures explains the consequences of an invasion.

Prix Day: An Artistic Finale

On the last day of the festival, the focus will be on art. But as always, there will also be a variety of exciting projects on contemporary topics such as climate change, robotics or crisis management waiting for you.

Gigapixel images from the Vatican: when beauty leads to faith

Experience spectacular gigapixel images from the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican Museums in Rome up close in the Deep Space 8K.

Night Performances: Experience the night anew

The Ars Electronica Futurelab invites all festival visitors: Innovative projects, unique performances and entirely new experiences are waiting for you.

Plan B Day: Creating Future Together

The Saturday of the festival awaits you with numerous inspirations for jointly taking steps towards a future in which we meet inevitable challenges as a global community.

Controlled / Uncontrolled: when dancing to chaos

Can you dance uncontrollably to electronic music? And can you follow the rhythm after a while to bring yourself back under control? un ctrl knows!

STARTS Day: Artistic Innovation and Musical Visions

What are the highlights of the Friday of the Ars Electronica Festival? We'll give you some interesting insights into the packed program.

Futurelab Day: Creative Resilience for Planet B

With workshops, discussions, guided tours and spectacular experiences, we want to shape the future together on September 8!

Opening Day: Highlights and Insights

The first day of the Ars Electronica Festival awaits you with exciting performances and lots of art, technology and new inspirations.

TAICCA: Futuritive Art and Social Activism

In cooperation with Ars Electronica, TAICCA supports Taiwanese artists that take a look into the future of art, society and technology with their work.

Art from Asia: The 4th VH Award

International art and diversity are one of the many key aspects of the Ars Electronica Festival. A project that showcases these components in Linz is the 4th edition of the VH Award.

Leonardo's Mona Lisa in 8K

It is our great pleasure to announce that once again this year, one of the world's most famous works of art will embellish our Deep Space 8K screen during the Ars Electronica Festival: the Mona Lisa!

How we do research in Deep Space 8K (2)

Diving into alien worlds, experiencing art and medicine in a completely new way: Research in Deep Space 8K opens up unique opportunities.

How we do research in Deep Space 8K (1)

Whether individually or in large groups, with robots or in virtual worlds: The Deep Space 8K makes unique research possible.

Cooperative Aesthetics / RGB-Spaceflight at the Deep Space.
Interactive and time-based: Deep Space as a platform for young artists

The bachelor's program "Time-based and Interactive Media Arts" at the Linz University of the Arts lets young artists develop their own interactive program for Deep Space 8K.

Deep Space EVOLUTION: Virtual Anatomy

A fascinating journey through the human body turns anatomy data into an immersive 3D experience in Ars Electronica Center.

Where Stories Come to Life: Storytelling in Deep Space 8K

Once in a lifetime, travel through space and see the earth from above. Seeing the human body from the inside for once and being present during a heart operation. Or once having the opportunity to look at Klimt's "The Kiss" as close as if you were part of the painting.

Deep Space EVOLUTION: Uniview 3.0

Explore the space with the new version of "Uniview", the amazing virtual planetarium program of Ars Electronica Center's Deep Space 8K.

Deep Space EVOLUTION: Virtual Anatomy

With "Virtual Anatomy" in Deep Space EVOLUTION you can now experience the fascination of the human body even more impressively!

Ars Electronica Futurelab
Deep Space EVOLUTION: Sounding Letters

With a virtual piano concert in 3D, the new program in Deep Space 8K shows how humans and AI make music together.

Deep Space EVOLUTION: Transient

Impermanent Paintings in Deep Space 8K: Immerse yourself in audiovisual paintings created in collaboration with generative algorithms.