CanSat 2022: Once in the Sky and back

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Space-loving young people gathered at Subens Airport in Upper Austria on April 21, 2022, to launch their self-developed mini-satellites in the shape of a beverage can to high altitudes. In the ESA CanSat competition, which is offered to pupils in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and ESERO Austria, two missions are to be fulfilled: On the one hand, temperature and air pressure hast to be measured and transmitted to the ground station at least once per second, and the actual ejection altitude and fall speed must be determined from the collected air pressure values, and a temperature profile must be created. On the other hand, the satellites have to master a mission developed by the students themselves. In the case of the winning engINUITY team from HTL Salzburg, this was an autonomously landing CanSat whose landing site was determined by an on-board computer.

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