Throwback: The Vienna Giant Ferris

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The famous Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel was built in 1897 and was one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world at the time. Together with ARTDELUXE Kunst- und Kulturmanagement, a holistic concept for furniture design, media technology and print was developed and implemented in January 2017. The content on the screens was kept in comic style. For this purpose, own characters were created, which convey information about the Ferris wheel to the visitors. Also an own mascot was created which always knew an answer to the questions of the family. The information was mainly historical and technical. Old archive material was prepared in such a way that it was suitable for every age group. The present also appeared again and again on one of the 4 screens in the form of a live camera transmission. Here, a special outdoor camera was mounted on a wagon, which streamed a live signal of the image into the foyer. At certain times, the screen backgrounds merged with the print on the wall, creating the impression of a homogeneous surface that repeatedly provided windows to the exciting information.

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In our Throwback series, we take a look back at past events, exhibitions, installations and other exciting happenings from the Ars Electronica universe since 1979.

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