Center Story: April 2022

Sticker Ars,

Smart Grow

There are actually more plants growing in the center than just the barley on the first floor, including basil, parsley and even pak choi! With the help of new technology, the BOSCH company has succeeded in harvesting herbs, salads and vegetables smartly indoors. The automated watering system of Smart Indoor Gardening ensures that without constant reminders, plants can grow on their own. Within 7 days, we saw the first leaves and got to taste them right away. In the future, our Smart Grow will be placed in the children’s research lab, by the popular theme garbage cans, so you can see them too.

Throwback: AK Exhibition

Not far from the Ars Electronica Center, there are countless stickers on the Nibelungen Bridge that Linzers have placed there. On closer inspection, we noticed this red sticker – perhaps you still remember the exhibition “Work in and on the Future” in cooperation with AK Upper Austria? The exhibition primarily dealt with the questions of what work could look like in the future and how we can work together on the future to make it as fair as possible for everyone. If you want to learn more about the topic, click here.

That was a first glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes at our museum. From now on, you can read more about it monthly here on the blog and on social media.