Kinderuni animates the facade of the center

Kinderuni Animate the Facade 2023, Bild: Kinderuni

The Ars Electronica Center’s interactive media façade offers itself not only to adult citizens and visitors as a public space to be shaped by their own choice; it’s also used by the very young generation to transport unique messages out into the city.

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Under the lead of Dawid Liftinger, the façade most recently became a source of inspiration for the participating young people in a workshop of the Children’s University at the FH Wels, the VHS Linz and the FH Hagenberg in July 2023. Using simple digital tools, individual frames were first drawn, then assembled into a stop-motion animation. The content of the animations was inspired by the technology itself, the concept of PublicArt and the question “What do I want to tell Linz or the world?” On FR 9/29 and SA 9/30, when the young people’s works will be presented at the Ars Electronica Center from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m., the word “PEACE” will run across the façade, as will an animation of a rainy day or a flying butterfly, Minecraft worlds, or a greeting to best friend Zoe.

Animators from Linz, Wels and Hagenberg:
Felix Ornetsmüller, Maximilian Bruckmayr, Emilia Lehner, Maximiliane Albrecht, Johannes Leitinger, Stella Spaun, Daniela, Leo Reichel, Otto Kaspar Zorn, Valerie Sophie Speil, Stella Spaun, Johannes Pumberger, Johannes Schuller, Konstantin Mandic, Leon Harringer, Joachim Hörmann, Alexander Schuster, Benjamin Schaffer, Clemens Barth, Clemens Hofstetter, Constantin Dratsdrummer, Elias Lughofer, Elisa Thallinger, Florian Landlinger, Jakob Hinterhölzl, Jannik Baumgartner, Leander Pühringer, Luis Röder, Matthias Thallinger, Maxi Ehrengruber, Nela Seemann, Patrick Ablinger, Sophie Hinterhölzl, Valentin Bruckbauer, Julie Ebenhofer, Noah Fink, Jakob Hackl, Daria Koppelstätter, Hector Leitner, Annika Mühlberger, David Rammer, Fabienne Rammer, Marie Reitmeier, Lisa Reitmeier, Jakob Rotter, Jonathan Seidel, Annika Traxler, Elisabeth Vymazal, Malia Wölbitsch

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