Photo: Ars Electronica / Birgit Cakir

BCI Sensor

Ars Electronica Solutions (AT), g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT) & Erika Mondria (AT)

In our interactions with the environment, there are both conscious cognitive processes for opinion formation as well as immediate, unconscious processes. These brain activities can be recorded through a brain-computer interface.

The Unicorn Brain Interface is a portable electroencephalography (EEG) headset that measures and analyzes bioelectrical signals on the surface of the cerebral cortex through EEG electrodes. The event-related potentials (ERP) that occur in response to briefly presented images are relevant here. The software assigns images based on the reaction of the participants’ brain waves.

This technology has a wide range of applications, which include research, assistive systems, and even neuromarketing.

The Solastalgia – BCI was developed by Ars Electronica Solutions as part of their “Sustainability Thinking Strategy” in cooperation with Erika Mondria. The aim of this strategy is to stimulate one’s own thinking in relation to sustainability and thus to evoke a new creative way of thinking that integrates both the intellectual and the emotional components. Within the framework of a “Sustainability Thinking Experience”, workshops, expeditions or discussion forums are offered variably tailored to customer needs.