Earth from Space / ESA, Credit: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

Earth from Space

The focus here is on our planet Earth – with all its ecological and socio-economic aspects relating to climate change.

The view of our Earth from space enables us to closely observe changes on our planet. Satellite images not only provide us with impressive views of the Earth, but also with valuable information for assessing and documenting changes on this Blue Marble. The importance of Earth observation in terms of ecological and socio-economic aspects becomes clear in this virtual presentation around the topic of climate change.

The European Space Agency ESA and Ars Electronica have been working together successfully for many years. Within the framework of this collaboration, Ars Electronica Solutions has already realised various projects for the ESA’s Earth Observation Programme in Frascati, Italy. The lead project was Φ-Experience, which uses interactive display technologies to increase awareness and visibility of ESA’s Earth observation programmes and applications. The aim is to raise visitors’ understanding of the importance of Earth observation, especially with regard to global change and climate change.