Studie: Neuro Theta, Credit: Erika Mondria

Brain research to join in

Whether we are for something or against something – brain cells fire billions of impulses with every mental impulse. Experience brain research live and find out how brain impulses can be measured and visualized.

Duration: approx. 10-20 minutes

Participation: free of charge. Each participant will receive an admission voucher for the Ars Electronica Center as a thank you.

Age: Minimum age 10 years

Registration: on site / no pre-registration required

Further information is available at the Infodesk or by e-mail:

A team of researchers from Linz has developed a new method for analyzing brain data. Visitors to the Ars Electronica Center are invited to explore the mental traces that media influences – e.g. newspaper articles or images – leave in the human brain. Mental moods play a key role in everyday decision-making, whereby a person’s mood is significantly influenced by internal evaluation processes. According to neuroscientific findings, evaluations are mainly processed in the frontal lobe of the brain and lead to an approving or disapproving attitude.

With the help of electroencephalography (EEG), the electrical activity of the brain can be measured and displayed graphically. In EEG-based research in the frontal cortex, sensors are attached to the forehead of the research participants and the bioelectrical impulses of the brain are analyzed.

The ongoing research project “Correlations to EEG asymmetries in the pre-frontal cortex” focuses precisely on this area in order to find answers to questions such as: Can unconscious evaluations be measured? Is everything that people are confronted with subject to evaluation?

The data collected from the study serves as the basis for the artistic-scientific installation neuro-experience “The Turning Point”, which can be experienced live for the first time at the Ars Electronica Festival. The real-time brain data will be transformed into a new visual language.