Pianographique, Maki Namekawa (JP/AT), Dennis Russell Davies (US), Cori OʼLan (AT); Photo: tom mesic

Deep Space Concert: DRD80 – Piano Music meets Digital Images

Sun 21. Apr 2024 11:00 – 12:30
Deep Space 8K

The charity concert by Maki Namekawa and Dennis Russell Davies, which was primarily held to celebrate a milestone birthday, is dedicated to the “Hodgkin Long Term Survivorship” project. This lymph gland cancer has an extremely high cure rate, and studies in recent decades have therefore been able to focus significantly on reducing treatment-related side effects and long-term consequences.

Piano: Dennis Russell Davies, Maki Namekawa
Real-time visualization: Cori O’Lan
With music from Bedřich Smetana, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and W.A. Mozart

Seat ticket 50 €, Standing ticket 15 €

Tickets available: KUPFTicket.at or at the museum ticket desk

Nevertheless, there are patients who have beaten cancer and completed their treatment without measurable organ damage, but are still unable to regain their former vitality and zest for life. As part of the “Hodgkin’s Long Term Survivor” project, the aim is to decipher the often varying causes in these patients in order to provide them with individual support programs.

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