Deep Space Lecture: Geheimnisjäger James Webb Space Telescope, Photo:

Deep Space Lecture: Mystery Hunter James Webb Space Telescope

Thu 21. Mar 2024 19:00 – 20:00
Deep Space 8K

Since its launch around two years ago, the ultra-modern James Webb Space Telescope has been providing new insights into the previously unknown infrared universe. On this evening, astrophotographer Dietmar Hager will present a selection of findings that have been derived from this.

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Lecture in German language

High expectations were placed on the ultra-modern James Webb Space Telescope when it began its journey into space around two years ago. The aim was to unlock the secrets of the previously unknown “infrared universe” and gain new scientific insights. The very first images that the telescope sent to Earth caused a stir in the scientific world.

On this evening, the star photographer Dr. Dietmar Hager will join visitors in exploring the many groundbreaking discoveries that the James Webb Space Telescope has already made possible. Using selected examples, he will talk about complex networks of structures, gas bubbles, dust caves and the fascinating new insights into the formation of stars that the telescope has already made possible. Together we will explore the question of whether the James Webb Space Telescope has brought us a little less closer to an answer to one of humankind’s age-old questions: “Is anyone else there?”