In2white – Mont Blanc largest panoramic image

Great events deserve correspondingly big stages, all the more so when the embodiment of an event has the dizzy height of the Mont Blanc. Thus, the Deep Space 8K definitely is the ideal place to showcase the mountaintop of the Alps in a panoramic photo in the world’s highest resolution of 365 gigapixel. Under the project name “In2White“, Italian photographer Filippo Blengini and his team captured the majestic white in 70.000 single shots, all in high resolution. Stitched together, they yield the impressive 360° panoramic photo. Due to its sharp rendering on the 16 to 9 meters display of the Deep Space 8K, even the tiniest of detail keeps contrast and sharpness by zooming in.

There’s only one shot which has a higher resolution, that of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which has taken a picture of the moon in 681 gigapixel resolution. Since the place of origin is in outer space, the world record is still held by Italy, to be admired in Linz.

Credits: Filippo Blengini, Alessandra Bacchilega, Guido Béthaz, Matteo La Torre, Roland Clauss