The steady increase in renewable energy will push our power grids to their limits in the foreseeable future due to fluctuating feed-in and bidirectional power flow. Comprehensive monitoring of the electricity infrastructure is therefore becoming increasingly important in order to make better use of it through targeted line management. One focus of the iniGrid project is the development of a “smart breaker” for the low-voltage grid. This “smart breaker” performs measurements and exchanges data with other devices – keyword smart grid. This opens up completely new possibilities for grid management. The video shows the functionality of an active distribution grid in which individual parameters are modified (e.g. wind and solar), which are tracked by the “Smart Breaker”



Project partner: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Eaton Industries (Austria) GmbH, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Zelisko GmbH, Sprecher Automation GmbH, Technische Universität Wien – Institut für Computertechnik, Fachhochschule Oberösterreich – F&E GesmbH, Linz Strom Netz GmbH, MOOSMOAR Energies OG Design: Ars Electronica Solutions