Moral Machine

Moral dilemmas presented by street traffic.

Intelligent machines are increasingly being used to support complex activities carried out by humans, or even to take them over completely. Intelligent machines such as autonomous vehicles are entrusted with a higher level of independence, which can lead to them having to make moral decisions. This means a better understanding is required, not only of how humans make such decisions, but also of how humans judge the decision-making process of intelligent machines. Using moral dilemmas presented by street traffic, the Moral Machine tries to investigate what people think of the decisions made by autonomous intelligent machines. At the end of the survey, the results can be compared to those of the other participants.

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Concept: Iyad Rahwan, Jean-Francois Bonnefon, Azim Shariff; Development: Edmond Awad, Sohan Dsouza, Paiju Chang; Assistance: Danny Tang; Supported by the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund.