Transient / Quayola/Seta, photo: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

Transient – Impermanent Paintings

A virtuoso sound painting by the Italian artists Quayola and Seta.

Based on generative algorithms, the two Italian artists Quayola/Seta create a virtuoso “sound painting” on the 16 x 9 metre screen and the equally large floor projection. As on a real canvas, hyper-realistic digital brushstrokes articulate endlessly on the large-scale projection of Deep Space 8K. Each individual brushstroke is linked to a piano tone, thus creating polyphonic synaesthetic landscapes. Experience an immersive journey into the artistic process inspired by music and traditional painting techniques.

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With Transient, Quayola Studio breaks new ground, using technology as a lens to explore music for 21st century audiences and rethink traditional artistic techniques in the context of the human-machine relationship. In his work, Quayola always explores the tension between seemingly opposing forces: real and artificial, old and new. For this project, innovative software was developed that seamlessly combines image and sound. The piano is both a symbol of musical tradition and an expression of human creativity. Transient was developed together with musician and Quayola Studio collaborator Andrea Santicchia aka Seta.