Writing dance. Photo: Helena Vancura

Miriam Kandera, Ida Kieslinger, Helena Vancura (AT)

In the workshop, students learn about the movements their own bodies are capable of and interact with a simplified version of Rudolf von Laban’s dance writing system, the so-called Labanotation. The system is comparable to that of music. The notes or symbols, depending on their position in the plan, have certain meanings. In dance script these would be specific kinds of movement.

For this workshop, the method of writing down movements in detail is brought to its simplest form. The students write down their movement using stick figures and have their classmates dance them. To warm up and strengthen concentration, we begin with a short dance session with instructions from one of the workshop leaders. At the end, the course participants present their dances.

Dance your way to new ways!

Implementationat school: classroom or gymnasium
Duration2 hours
Participantsup to 30 people
Age6–12 years
GuidanceWorkshop leaders and a school teacher

Keywords: Dance, Movement, Drawing, Art

Miriam Kandera, Ida Kieslinger and Helena Vancura are three graduates of the Graphische in Vienna. Their diploma project Body as a Medium is a creative book that that brings the art of dance onto two-dimensional paper using various media of expression. Dance is the subject of photography, poetry and drawings and is additionally written down using Labanotation, a movement script. The team consists of two photographers, Ida Kieslinger and Miriam Kandera, and a graphic designer, Helena Vancura. Together they have developed the project further – turning a simple photo book into an interactive exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023. They enjoy constantly reinventing the project as well as seeing what people make of it.

Teamphoto: Monika Fellner

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