Ars Electronica Animation Festival on Tour 2022

Based on the computer animation category of the Prix Ars Electronica international competition, animated pictorial worlds have been a cornerstone of the Ars Electronica Festival and have been discussed and presented in various forms ever since. Since 2005, the Ars Electronica Animation Festival has been bringing together a multifaceted program at the intersections of animation, art and technology. A selection of works can be explored through the Animation Festival 2022 Tour program.

The Electronic Theatre features a selection of the works honored by the jury in the Prix Ars Electronica category Computer Animation. For the first time, one screening program will take up the festival theme Welcome to Planet B. The program Austrian Panorama highlights current works of local artists. The Young Animations program is lineup featuring films from the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19-create your world category for young people under 19 years of age in Austria.

The 2022 Ars Electronica Animation Festival is a highly diversified showcase that invites spectators to take an exciting journey through current artistic productions in the expanded field of digital animation.

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The Electronic Theatre is the annual best-of program, a compilation of outstanding animated films, chosen by the jury from the submitted works in the category Computer Animation. The selection showcases current productions in terms of artistic content, as well as cultural and technological innovation.


Anxious Body
Yoriko Mizushiri (JP)
05:49 min 
AWARD OF DISTINCTION / Prix Ars Electronica 2022

Mariano Ferández Russo (AR)
02:38 min 
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

Radicalization Pipeline, 2021
Theoklitos Triantafyllidis (GR)
03:09 min 
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

The Crow
Glenn Marshall (UK)
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

Very, Very, Tremendously
Guangli LIU (CN)
12:12 min 
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

When fox and rabbit say goodnight
Finn Stevenhagen (NL)
20:29 min 
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

Change is an inevitable condition of reality for both living and non-living things. Movement, development, evolution, and dissolution is part of the scheme. But is change anthropocentric? What exactly could we expect from it in the future? Change can mean resolution, embrace, or reconnection; it can be ironic, dreamy, climate-related, abstract, or destructive. In one way or another, there is potential, possibility, and variety. We understand the need for change as individuals, society, and humanity, but also as minimal parts of the bigger existence of reality.


Tech For Democracy
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm (DK)
06:33 min

Patrick and the Buttons
Francois Heiser (FR)
02:57 min

Borrowed Limbs
Lisa-Marleen Mantel (DE) and Laura Wagner (DE)
03:27 min

Dirk Koy (SZ)
18:23 min

Stefan Larsson (JP)
08:43 min

Models for Environmental Literacy
Tivon Rice (US)
36:40 min

Curated by Juergen Hagler, Maria-Nefeli Panetsos

What does it mean to commit suicide in a digital world? Can we exist as fragmented digital identities? What happens when we do not play by the rules of in-game environments? Why do unicorns like water games? Does the earth revolve around me? This program features a selection of Austrian film directors. The spectrum ranges from dystopian visions of the future to humorous introspections. A wide range of styles and techniques are used: Game Engines, Motion Capture, 3D Animation and Pixilation.


Bea Höller (AT)
03:20 min

The Subject Changes
Depart (AT)
08:54 min

Hellbrunn — History Refreshingly New
Simon Wendler (AT)
03:39 min

Paul Wenninger (AT)
05:36 min

How to Disappear
Total Refusal (AT)
21:06 min 
HONORARY MENTION – Prix Ars Electronica 2022

Wenn die Welt zu Ende geht, werde ich dich geliebt haben

Gloria Gammer (AT)
15:03 min

Curated by Juergen Hagler

Every year young, gifted filmmakers from Austria submit their weird, subtle, witty, utopian, critical and dystopian works for the Prix Ars Electronica’s category of u19—create your world. They show us their strong imagination, their deep understanding of certain topics, all expressed through their abilities within one medium. This program is a selection of Animations coming from young creatives and young professionals from different age groups (17-19) and skill sets.


Family Time

A Very Special Photo
Anna Wingelmaier (AT), Alexie Khan (AT), Melek Bel Haj Salah(AT), Giulianna Cuc (AT)
02:58 min

Sabrina Koller (AT), Martina Janjic (AT), Barbara Mendez Mendez (AT), Johanna Stefanic (AT)
02:33 min 

Emily Faderbauer (AT), Kerstin Helmlinger (AT), Elli Semmler (AT), Katja Senn (AT)
05:10 min

Endless expanses …?

Fabian Wenzelhumer (AT)
02:02 min 

Space Garden
Rosemarie Haider (AT), Laura Huber (AT), Felix Korn (AT), Lara Pipus (AT)
02:59 min

trois ballons couleur Rouge
Loric Demander (AT)
02:23 min

Clunky – a clumsy robot
Bianca Amberger (AT)
01:1 min

Soda Pop
Melek Bel Haj Salah (AT), Sofija Lenhart (AT), Alena Fodor (AT), Leonie Ettinger (AT), Anna Mikysek (AT)
02:08 min

Nature and other Things

Mothernature – Life goes on
John Lim (AT)
02:00 min

Flow of Time
Tristan Hill (AT)
00:46 min

Kristina Jimendez (AT), Lisa-Marie Koller (AT), Klaudia Mróz (AT), Stocker Belana (AT)
02:39 min

Curated by Sirikit Amann (OeAD)

Ars Electronica Animation Festival on Tour 2022

January 15, 2023 Padova Digital Sounds Padova, Italy
February 13, 2023 Berlin University of the Arts – Fakultät für Gestaltung Berlin, Germany
March 3, 2023 Cultural Center Cacak Film & Video Program Cacak, Serbia
March 10–12, 2023 CerModern presents the Electronica Animation Festival 2022 Ankara, Turkey
March 14, 2023 Hagenberg Campus: Ars Electronica Animation Festival on Tour 2022 Hagenberg, Austria
March 17–25, 2023 French Film Festival 2023 in Bucharest Bucharest, Romania
April 19 – May 1, 2023 BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 9 – 30, 2023 Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2022 en Mexico Xalapa, México
May 27, 2023 Animation Festival 2022 on Tour at Cinema Elvire Popesco Bucharest, Romania
June 14, 2023 medienfrische 23 Bschlabs, Austria
June 15 – July 5, 2023 Post-Digital Intersections Timișoara, Romania
July 19, 2023 Waterpieces Festival at Art Centre Noass Riga, Latvia
September 22, 2023 ANIMANIA 2023 Cacak, Serbia
September 30, 2023 An Evening with Ars Electronica @ HEI House of European Institutes Timișoara, Romania
September 23 – October 21, 2023 Locust Projects Fall Line Up Miami, US
October 6 – 26, 2023 Recode – Art and Technology in a Transhumanist Context @ Baia Turceassca (Turkish Bath) Iasi, Romania
October 7, 2023 Beyond Animation 2023 in collaboration with Alliance Franaise de Chiang Mai Chiang Mai, Thailand
October 12 – 14, 2023 27. International New Media Art Festival Novi Sad, Serbia
October 16 – 22, 2023 INTERSECCION. Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival A  Coruña, Spain
October 21 – 22, 2023 Patchlab Digital Art Festival 2023 SPACE/S Krakow, Poland
October 22 – 28, 2023 Kuandu International Animation Festival Taipei, Taiwan
October 26 – 27, 2023 Digital Art Festival Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria
November 1 – 30, 2023 Microwave International New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong
November 19, 2023 Studio International Theater Festival Targu Mures, Romania
November 25 – 26, 2023 Digital Journey Cluj-Napoca, Romania
November 28 – December 3, 2023 Anilogue IAF Budapest, Hungary
December 12 – 15, 2023 SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Sydney, Australia
December 14, 2023 5 Animation Film Festival Warsaw Warsaw, Poland


The Prix Ars Electronica, organized by Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG, is made possible by support from the City of Linz. Special thanks for additional support go to Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and OeAD

The Ars Electronica ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2022 is organized by Ars Electronica in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus.The Ars Electronica ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2022 on Tour was produced in collaboration and with special thanks to the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

More About Animation Festival 2022 on Tour

For many years, the screening program of the Ars Electronica Animation Festival has shown the best of current productions, compiled from the submissions to the Prix Ars Electronica’s category Computer Animation. This year, 657 submissions were sent to this category and the jury convened in April for three days of deliberations in Linz. This selection was the basis for the on-site jury session and the programs of the 2022 Ars Electronica Animation Festival.

Many of the works being shown can be categorized as expanded animation, such as various VR experiences, hybrids between games and animations, site-specific installations, or experiments with new technology such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. The spectrum of formats ranges from animated shorts to animated documentaries, from experimental-abstract works to interactive animated audio-visual environments.

Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs