Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative

Since 2014, Hakuhodo and Ars Electronica have collaborated in its joint project Future Catalysts. To further expand its activities, the two institutions have launched a mission driven, innovation community named “ARS ELECTRONICA TOKYO Initiative (AETI).” The term “Initiative” stands for: pioneer, leadership, and first step. AETI will take the mission: ‘What might we be able to do to create a better Tokyo, furthermore the whole Japanese society?’ and will aim to co-create ideas that will form the future society, with artists, innovators, companies and government and take actions to implement the ideas into the real society. “Create For Tokyo Together” as its slogan, the team will work on innovation generation and draw future society scenarios through the Art Thinking skills of Ars Electronica and Sei-katsu-sha views, the way of Hakuhodo thinking.

Tokyo as a laboratory for the future

Tokyo is a future city which embraces the world highest level of human skills, state-of-art technology, and economy. If we were to regard this city as a “laboratory” what kind of creation, exploration or activity will it bring about? By examining the issues this historically large-scaled human test ground “Tokyo” is facing, we are looking for the ideas and knowledges that should be shared throughout the world.

A city of Japan, Tokyo is now preparing for the global big event Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. At the same time it is on the search journey to find how to change the society where “human beings” can live as “human beings”. Looking for a better work-life-balance, a best way to utilize public space, to promote citizens participation and to create new culture which can co-live with diversity. We are not only focusing at year 2020 but onwards and are going to empower the citizens creativity under the mission of “Create For Tokyo Together”

Missions for Tomorrow by Art x Industry

What we mean by the word “Art” is not a decorative presence that we appreciate. “Art” has the power to questions and criticize the society, give the opportunity for the participants to reflect the reality from a different prospective and provide the opportunity to create discussions. At the same time, it has the power to insist the importance of implementing our human being view points and desires rather than just applying the state-of-art to designing products and services. What kind of communication will evolve form having this latest technology? What kind of new rules should we establish? AETI is going to act as the catalyst between the artists, entities and society to find the questions that we may face in the future society and take actions as our mission.

Art Thinking Program for Shaping Better Society

Entities have the gigantic power to shape the society. They are now requested to ask themselves what they should do to pay back to the society. The “Art Thinking Program” led by the AETI questions the commonsense, resets new tasks that will not raise from the traditional companies contexts and create an innovation by multiplying Company culture, history and Future Vision, just like as artists do.

If Art Thinking (Raising questions to the unknown field, cross-questioning the stereotype and expand possibilities) is going to find potentials hidden 2 decades ahead, People Thinking (thinking about how we can create a better human friendly society along with the people) will find the needs a decade ahead and will expand its flexibility through Design Thinking (Expanding new possibilities in the actual world by addressing creative solutions).

Text by Rena Tanaka (Hakuhodo Inc.) + Hideaki Ogawa (Ars Electronica Futurelab)

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