8K Future Projects

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) (JP), Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

Since 2018, NHK and Ars Electronica Futurelab have conducted joint research on the new possibilities of 8K technology and its social and cultural impact. Under the theme of Beyond the Frame – 8K Future Projects, we have created a prototype for social togetherness in the 8K Platz project, and a new scale of broadcast content in the 8K Life Scale project. As the next step, we explore new standards for the viewing experience in 8K Cascade.

With the simple gesture of rotating a display by 90 degrees, a symbolic shift from ”landscape view” to ”portrait view,” we are reframing the relationship between the human body and broadcast content. Displays and cameras ”stand up” in vertical positions to accommodate human-scale contents as a new standard of 8K technology. In Cascade, a series of installations with diverse 8K contents in vertical formats is created to integrate the 8K technology into our daily lives in new ways. Three usage scenarios are defined to represent diverse styles of content: Ambient, Information, and Communication.

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Cascade – 8K Future Projects Video: MinaPictures

In the Ambient concept, viewers can experience cascades of water, a natural metaphor for the vertical orientation. Natural and digital particles flow and form complex streams, creating an extremely detailed and rich ambient scenery. In the Information concept, live-streams of NHK news are presented in vertical formats to showcase a new design format for TV broadcasts. The format enhances viewer experience with enriched information design. The Communication concept is a more human-centric approach to Cascade, where we reimagine the TV as a realistic window to our family and friends. The vertical orientation provides a more natural frame for human communication.

8K Future Projects aims to bring 8K to the public in innovative ways as the role of broadcast media expands Beyond the Frame in future society.

Project Credits:

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) (JP)
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)